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Chris has shot LVIA and AVR photography on many high profile developments for us over the years, he quickly understands the brief and requirements of a project and works very hard to exceed expectations. He is friendly, reliable and professional, and takes some lovely photographs.

Mitch Peacock, Troopers Hill

Chris has carried out many verified photography shoots over the last 10+ years and has a full understanding of client specific requirements. All photography is carried out in accordance with Landscape Institute Advice Note 01/11 to ensure compliance with local authority requirements.

Most verified photography is intended to provide imagery which can be used for CGI work on planning applications, having been requested by the planning authority to support applications for developments within a sensitive context. As both an architect and architectural photographer, Chris is best placed to capture this accurately.

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Verified Views are also referred to as AVR – Accurate Visual Representations, VVM – Visually Verified Montages and LVIA - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

A Verified View is an accurate photomontage – Verified meaning the information regarding the camera location and key reference points in the view have been surveyed. Taking the photography for this requires certain specific requirements to be fulfilled in order to ensure compliance with local authority guidelines.

Photography is usually centred around a specific site which is to be developed, with a number of pre-specified viewpoints identified in advance. These viewpoints are often identified by the local planning authority in consultation with the developer. The purpose of having the views verified (photographed in a specific way and surveyed) is to give the local authority comfort that the resulting CGI (computer generated image) photomontages of new build work is accurately represented in scale, massing and height.


Once viewpoints have been identified, a large scale map and sometimes more detailed location maps or eastings & northings are supplied to Chris allowing him to identify accurately where each viewpoint is. Chris will organise the shoot to be at the specified locations at the optimum time of day for the best lighting and try to be there on a bright sunny day.


At each location, Chris will identify the extent of the site either visually or using a compass (if the site is concealed), the camera will be levelled on the tripod and set at the required viewpoint height (usually 1.6m from ground level). 

A plumb bob is hung around the lens to allow a marker to be left on the ground showing the exact location of the verified photograph. 

Chris then takes GPS coordinates along with a map screen grab, this information along with the photography is passed on to the client who can instruct a surveyor to visit the locations and provide exact survey information of the location in relation to the site for the visualisation specialist to model from.


Because guidance requires most photographs to be taken with a 50mm lens (closest to field of view of the human eye) on a 35mm full frame camera, this often requires a multi-shot panoramic image to be taken to ensure enough context is included in the photograph. Chris uses a specialist panoramic tripod head to capture these which moves the pivot point of the camera to be based around the nodal point of the lens to eliminate parallax issues when combining the photographs. 

With panoramic images, Chris will either supply the RAW images directly for the visualisation consultant to combine, or he can combine and process the full panorama so it is ready to use.


Verified panoramic image of 12 x portrait format 50mm photographs combined for the St James Quarter development in Edinburgh

Verified architectural photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your verified photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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