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Chris has worked with some of the leading high street retailers like Gap, Camper, Mulberry and Harvey Nichols, who trust him to capture the very best images of their stores.

Retail environments create fantastic opportunities for architectural photography, colourful bright displays, considered lighting and clever use of materials all add to the mix and can lead to stunning images.

Knowing the best angles, and how best to deal with lighting, customers, staff, reflections etc are all part of the skill of the retail photographer.

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A new nail bar in Edinburgh and happy customers receiving a manicure. What better way to put your business on the map

What's involved?

A lot! There is such a diverse range of shop types and sizes that there really isn't a standard approach to shop photography. The type of shoot will also change depending on your end purpose for the photographs, whether it be to promote a brand, show off new premises and create interest or simply to photograph a strong architectural design.

Chris has an excellent understanding of the differing requirements of retailers and will always be able to get the best out of any project.


After dark

Large retail units such as Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh come to life after dark particularly in the winter months. 

The fourth floor restaurant shows activity and Harvey Nichols go to great lengths to create amazing shopfront displays which look fantastic lit up at night.

Add to that a busy street environment and this type of architectural photograph can really help promote a shopping destination.

Dazzling displays

Some fashion retailers like Camper go to great lengths to fit out their shops with awesome contemporary design, simplicity is key here with shop photography.

Chris carefully balances lighting from outside and inside, with a dynamic composition and the inclusion of customers walking through the space to give scale.

Accurate colour rendition is critical to ensure what you see in the photograph matches the colours in the store.


Anyone for shoes?!


Capturing motion

Motion blur is a great tool for the retail photographer, it can help shopping malls look popular and busy and even help make the slightly more mundane shopping centre look dynamic. Whilst it looks a simple thing to do, slow the shutter speed and wait for people it actually takes a bit of practice to match the shutter speed to the speed and direction of movement. Some situations work better than others, escalators for instance make for great motion blur subjects.

Retail photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your retail photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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