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Interior photographer Chris Humphreys offers services covering all of Scotland and the UK. As an Edinburgh based photographer, Chris has worked with many commercial and private clients for over 10 years. His interior photography frequently appears in architectural publications and home / lifestyle magazines.

Natural Light

He mainly uses natural and ambient light to ensure that his interior images give a true reflection of how the space appears in reality, rather than filling a room with flash. Working in this way takes more skill and effort to develop the photographs but produces far more enjoyable accurate photography which will enhance your media both online and in print.


Not only does Chris produce stunning interior photographs but he will adapt his approach to suit the brief, if for instance a set of photographs feel more romantic, moody, luxurious, bright etc.

Contact Chris now to discuss your requirements:


We have used Chris Humphreys Photography a number of times, to capture images of our projects, and showcase our work via our website. Chris takes great care in setting up the shots, with a combination of both forward planning and spontaneity, to make the most of light or weather and to fit in with client requirements. Not only are the photographic results exceptional, but we have had clients contact us to say how lovely he was to deal with. With a number of our projects under his belt, we are about to commission him to photograph two more – no better testament to how happy we are with his work.

Dee McCole, CB3 Architects




Big spaces like this hotel atrium in Scotland can be daunting with so many angles to choose from, this is where Chris' knowledge and vast experience come into play.

Each interior shoot needs a different approach depending on various factors, how big the space is, what is the lighting like, are people present, what type of space it is, what the purpose of the images is.

With so many variables, only experience allows a good interior photographer to decipher what the key requirements are and know how to make the best use of the time available to get the required photography. 

Get in touch

Good photography is a vital part of successfully selling and advertising your business, helping your website stand high above the competition. Edinburgh based interiors photographer Chris Humphreys can offer you the best possible imagery to capture your designs.


Sometimes an abstract view like this shot up a Z Hotel atrium is really useful as a background wallpaper to media both online and in print. 

This is one type of photography which a creative professional photographer will either know to capture before a shoot or 'see' straight away in the building. It is always the type of photography that clients don't really think they need until they see the finished result!

Room to room photography

Interior photographers love capturing room to room photographs to really show off the interior design, they links spaces and create interest.​

What looks like a simple interior image to take is actually quite challenging, very different colour temperature lighting in the bathroom contrasts with natural lighting in the bedroom. Linking these spaces requires careful adjustment in post processing to ensure that both luminance and white balance are altered locally in the image to create a balanced natural looking photograph.


interiors room to room shots work really well in hotels and home with ensuite bedroom.


People in architecture

Use of people in interiors photography can bring architecture to life, like this busy work reception area. However the general public aren't trained actors, so capturing good photographs of people working is often a matter of patience, timing and of course skill!


Chris has worked as a professional photographer in Edinburgh for well over 10 years. He covers all of Scotland and frequently travels to London. Working with architects to capture architectural and interior design, always to the highest standard. When it comes to choosing photographers, look for experience and review past work, but mostly get in touch to start with and make sure they are the best fit for your requirements.

Interior architectural photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your interior imagery requirements and the architectural photography services on offer, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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