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Public building photography encompasses a wide range of building types from community hubs, art galleries and museums to chapels and bars. 

Chris has photographed many public buildings for various clients and approaches each shoot with the same enthusiasm and rigorous attention to detail as the last. Experience and a keen eye for composition and lighting are all key.

This is where Chris Humphreys experience as a registered architect come into play, as he instinctively looks for the pleasing angles and architectural detail that the architect or designer has spent hours agonising over. Chris also talks 'architect' so when it comes to briefing, it is a simple straightforward process.

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Parents at Menzieshill Community Hub enjoy a coffee after the morning playgroup

Working with the public

Chris often finds himself in highly trafficked public areas where people in a cafe for instance simply want to get a cup of coffee and not be bothered by a photographer, or parents may not want their children to appear in photographs. 

This is where Chris's ability to engage with people and reassure them greatly help. He will always work out a way to capture the photograph even in the most difficult situation, whether it be by careful camera positioning or using motion blur to disguise identity and create a more dynamic image. 


Front cover...

Cover worthy photographs don't come easy, but Chris consistently has his photographs appearing in architectural publications and home magazines. 

This shot of George Square Chapel in Edinburgh made a fantastic cover of the Architects Journal RIBA award edition.

Going above and beyond

Every photographer loves to be challenged and Chris relishes the opportunity to stretch his creative skills. 

When the architect for the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory in Ayrshire asked for a starry night shot of the building in the height of summer, Chris stayed until 1am to get this shot as the long summer nights meant that darkness was a long time coming.


The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory on a not so dark summer's night.

Public building photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your public building photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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