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Chris is exactly what we were looking for when seeking an architectural photographer. His portfolio and reputation precedes him, and the results of a shoot are obviously brilliant, but the ease of logistics are what will have us use Chris over and over again. Drop him an email with an address and a few photos and a floor plan so that he can plan his trip, then just wait for the excitement of when the images come through after the photoshoot. So easy, so stress-free, and always with a great money shot!

Lauchlan Maclean-Bristol

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Chris Humphreys is an architect and professional photographer based in Edinburgh and working throughout Scotland. He offers a range of photography services, capturing architecture and interior design.

Building Photography

Each  architecture photography shoot needs to tell a story, the images need to show how the building has been integrated into its setting whether it is urban or rural, or perhaps illustrate how the building has been designed to stand out and detach itself from the surroundings. Read more.

​Interior Photography

Each interior design shoot needs a different approach depending on various factors, how big the space is, what is the lighting like, are people present, what type of space it is, what the purpose of the images is. With so many variables, only experience allows good interior photographers to decipher what the key requirements are and know how to make the best use of the time available to capture the best photographs. Read more.

Dusk Architectural Photography

Chris LOVES dusk architecture shoots. It may be a huge office or apartment block with multiple occupants, a busy street with car light trails in the foreground. Or it might be a small garden room extension set against the backdrop of a largely stone period property. Whatever your property a dusk photo will make a stunning hero image on your site. Read more.

Commercial Photography

Chris focusses on commercial photography as a means to promote a person or business. This ranges from hotels looking to entice new guests to book a stay and perhaps indulge in an afternoon tea, spa treatment or cocktail. To offices looking for staff portraits, brand reinforcement and staff in action. Read more.

Verified Photography

Most verified photography is intended to provide imagery which can be used for CGI work on planning applications, having been requested by the planning authority to support applications for developments within a sensitive context. As both an architect and photographer, Chris is best placed to capture this accurately. Read more.

Virtual Tour Photography

Chris Humphreys Photography offers an all encompassing branded 360 virtual tour photography package. Using his vast knowledge in architecture and interior design photography , Chris captures all 360 photography content using high-dynamic-range imaging and incorporates it into a fully functional virtual tour which is custom branded to your company / website logo and colours. Read more.

Architecture and Interior Photography Services

Chris offers a complete range of architectural and interior photography services, based in Edinburgh and covering all of Scotland. Click on any of the following links to find out more.



Click for more information on building photography services

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Exterior photography requires a keen eye for composition and the ability to set a building in its context.

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Click for more information on interior architectural photography services

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Interior architectural photography using natural and ambient light ensures the photo captures the true feel of a space.

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Click for more information on dusk architectural photography services

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Let your building sing with high impact hero shots. Dusk architectural photography really lights up your design. 

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Click for more information on commercial photography services

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Photography  focused around staff portraits and people in action.


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Click for more information on verified architectural photography services

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Verified architectural photography is a requirement by some planning departments for CGI related work.

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Click for more information on branded virtual tours

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Your very own branded 360 virtual tour, totally customised for your needs. 

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Architectural photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris is actively working in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland, he would love to talk to you more about your requirements, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist. Click here for a list of FAQs

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