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Chris has carried out architectural photography for many commercial and private clients, each building type, location and brief requiring a tailored approach and attention to detail. He works with architect practices, property developers, designers and construction companies all over the UK. The shots Chris captures work beautifully on websites and brochures to show off architecture spaces at their very best.

Exterior Architectural Photography

Exterior architectural photography is a specific aspect of photography which weighs heavily on form, composition and context.​ As both an architect and architectural photographer, Chris is able to see architecture through the designer's eyes and pick up on details and subtleties of design which others may not.


Composition plays a keep part in successful architectural photography, and this is something which is ingrained into every architect's psyche, understanding how to balance a composition using different elements, angles and surrounding context is something Chris does naturally.

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Chris has photographed many of our projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. As an architect himself he understands how to capture the design intent and communicate this though really great finished images

Tim Beecher, Beecher Architect



Context and environment in architecture images

Architectural photography images need to tell a story, the photographs need to show how the building has been integrated into its setting whether in the city or country to give it sense of place, or perhaps illustrate how the building has been designed to stand out and detach itself from the surroundings. A set of project images need to illustrate the architecture, detail, range of material choices, structures and composition within the building elements. 


Timing for the best architectural photography

All of this has to be carefully timed to make the best use of light, or sometimes lack of it. An exteriors architectural shoot requires rigorous planning and efficient execution. In a competitive commercial environment, time is limited and unpredictable weather makes it all the more important to be prepared.


Chris spends a lot of time scanning weather apps and trying to pick the best time / day to be in the right place to get the shot. The low sun angle creates please long shadows in this photograph which draw the eye to the focal point. The tower reflected in the water creates balance to the overall composition which otherwise would be weighted too far to the right.


The instinctive photographer

The artistic aspect of architectural photography is something that comes naturally to some people, particularly if you come from a design background. The technical aspect of taking photographs is something that can be learnt over time, but if you want to be successful it needs to become instinctive. The ability to 'See' the shot before taking it only comes with experience.

Photography of buildings square on

This is a shot that all architects love and most architectural photographers will seek to provide. It requires a specialist shift lens which allows the camera to be levelled and shifted up to move the horizon level whilst still maintaining true verticals. 

The result is bold and striking, particularly when coupled with strong shadows to show relief in the elevation. At some stage an architect will have drawn this elevation, so it is greatly satisfying to see it in reality. 


Highland Council offices in Wick, strong considered geometry shown off wonderfully with a straight on elevational photograph


Exterior Material detail

Another aspect of architectural photography which architects love is the detail shot showing off materials and how they have been carefully combined together. Again, detailing of buildings is something that architects agonise over long before a building is ever complete, and usually involving several 'discussions' with contractors as to how best to achieve it. As an architect, Chris understands this and not only 'sees' the shot well, but truly appreciates the effort that has gone into achieving the detail.

Architectural photography services


Chris would love to talk to you more about your building photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist. 

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