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Chris has worked as a show home interior photographer for the major house builders for a number of years. These repeat clients trust Chris to deliver consistently exceptional photographs which show off the very best of their new homes.

As a show home photographer based in Edinburgh, Chris covers all areas of Scotland. He uses his architectural photography knowledge to capture stunning street scenes in addition to interior photography.

With Chris' depth of knowledge and experience with show home photography, he understands how to ensure spaces appear light, bright and inviting. He also uses lifestyle photography to pick up on specific details and furnishing trends which house builders spend a long time considering.

Chris also offers branded all encompassing virtual tours at a discounted rate when commissioned with a stills shoot. He has a standard set of rates for show home photography so please enquire directly.

Contact Chris now to discuss your requirements:

The photographs Chris takes of CALA’s showhomes both internally and externally are always of a high quality. We use these photographs in press, for award entries, on our website and in brochures.


Chris works well with the team at CALA, he is flexible in his working hours and will do all he can to ensure we get the key shots we need in time for our often tight deadlines

Emily Grounds, Cala Homes




Open bifold doors in this show home photograph create an inviting link between kitchen / family space and the garden. Giving the impression of more space and light.

What's involved?

Show homes are fantastic environments to photograph, mainly as they are always so well designed with beautiful materials, colours and furnishings. 

Key to Chris' approach to interior show home photography is to use natural light to show off these colours and textures to their best. He will try to schedule shoots for good weather and look to link indoor and garden spaces to create the most appealing images possible. This creates simple striking images, which in reality are very challenging to capture well.


Linking spaces

One great way to show off the size of a room and perhaps the luxury design of a space is to take photographs from one area to another. 

This photograph of a luxury walk in wardrobe looking through to the bedroom tells a story instantly, you know what room you're in, and can form an instant picture of how the space works. It creates more interest than a simple photograph of the dressing area.


A stunning mansion house sitting hight with golden sunlight highlighting it nicely.

Golden hour

Organising shoots to be there at the right time for the best light is part of a good show home photographers skill. Golden hour (the time just before sunset) often gives beautiful soft warm light which can show off a home nicely.

Good composition and including context are also key to place a home in its environment. Something that comes naturally to Chris as an architect.

Show home photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your show home photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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Selling the dream

Chris uses a Nikon D850 camera producing incredible detail, and photographs at 45 megapixels easily enlarge to billboard size whilst maintaining image quality.

Cala Homes regularly use Chris' photographs to promote their new developments all over Scotland. 

Chris will also provide web ready resolution photographs if required to make your life easier and get your website / social media updated more quickly.


Awesome photographs make awesome enlargements


Dusk photography magic

To sell the dream for high end properties you need high end architectural photography, Chris had visited this penthouse property to photograph interiors previously and saw the opportunity for a stunning dusk image. He suggested this to Cala Homes who agreed give it a go, needless to say they were pleased with the result. A photograph that lets potential buyers imagine themselves there, admiring the view with an evening drink. 

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