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Chris has undertaken a variety of restaurant photography projects ranging from high end restaurants like Harvey Nichols, to pizza bars and street food outlets.

Restaurants are tricky places to photograph well, waiters, customers, unpredictable lighting, tight spaces all make for a testing environment. Customers don't want to be bothered while they're enjoying a meal and staff don't want a photographer in the way.

This type of photography needs a careful and considered approach which is where Chris' experience comes in. Getting to the job early, building report with the staff, being courteous and surreptitious around customers and being efficient are all things Chris does as a matter of course.

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Happy customers and busy staff, a carefully timed shoot to allow the restaurant to appear busy without it being too busy!

What's involved?

Restaurant photography is all about capturing the ambience of the restaurant and portraying how inviting it is to a potential customer. 


Depending on the client, some prefer the restaurant to be photographed as an architectural empty space, whereas others like to see customers relaxing and enjoying a meal. 

Chris will discuss the brief and exact requirements before the shoot, if staff are to be photographed, it is also a good idea to have them on board before hand.


Behind the scenes

The staff are a huge part of what makes restaurants great, Gordon Ramsay says that front of house staff are 90% of the success of a restaurant.


So it's a great idea to capture them in full flow and enjoying the job. These types of photographs really add to a set of shots and add life to any website.

Night life

Evening service is such a big part of a restaurants business and most restaurants are designed to look good after dusk, so these types of shots are great to capture. They make great hero photographs on a webpage. 

Capturing customers moving around inside and outside is also a great way to create a dynamic looking shot.


Wahaca ready for evening service


Capturing the context

Clever angles and use of reflections can work nicely with restaurant photography to place a premise in its surroundings. This restaurant faces St Andrews Square in Edinburgh with the iconic Melville monument in the centre. A simple photograph with the reflection of the square and incorporating the restaurant logo set it in context immediately. The complimentary hues of blue and orange working together nicely.

Restaurant photography services - CONTACT CHRIS NOW

Chris would love to talk to you more about your restaurant photography requirements and the architectural photography services he offers, so please call Chris on 07905 449073 or email at to see how he can assist.

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