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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the architectural and interior photography services Chris offers:

1. What format do you supply photographs in?

Your photographs are supplied as 8-bit uncompressed jpeg files at full resolution, Chris can also provide web-optimised versions of your photographs at no extra cost. Photographs are uploaded to a web server and you will be sent a download link as soon as they become available.

2. What size are the photographs you take?

Chris uses a professional Nikon D850 camera which produces incredible 45 megapixel files, the uncompressed  jpeg files are about 25-30MB each. The photographs Chris supplies will print to a very high standard up to almost any size. In fact Chris's photos are often found on billboards by Cala Homes around Scotland as part of his show home photography.

3. What is the turnaround time for your work?

You will usually have your photographs returned within a week of the shoot. If you have a specific deadline to meet please let Chris know and he will always endeavour to meet it, even if it means turning around a few key shots very quickly and following on with the remainder. Chris process all of your photographs personally so has complete control of the work flow.

4. We have several smaller projects in the same area and are only looking for limited number of photographs of each, are you able to cover all of them in a single shoot?

Yes, absolutely. Chris will discuss the locations and access requirements for each project with you and work out a plan to maximise efficiency to ensure costs are kept as low as possible for you.

5. Does it have to be good weather for you to shoot?

Not necessarily, interior shoots often benefit from good natural day lighting, but this doesn’t mean it has to be sunny. Likewise, Chris can also shoot exterior photographs with cloud cover. However, it goes without saying that a nice sunny day with a bright blue sky will often show off you building to its best. Chris offers a flexible approach to when he shoots to fit in with your requirements, deadlines and weather windows.

6. What are your day rates and half-day rates?

Chris doesn't use day or half day rates as each project has its own very different requirements and quoting a blanket rate would often lead to higher prices for you. If you would like a quote, please send Chris a summary of what you're looking to photograph, how much coverage you need and any special requirements, drawings and some of your own snaps are always helpful too. This will usually be enough for Chris to provide a quote by return.

7. Do you offer your services anywhere in the UK?

Absolutely, Chris is based around Edinburgh but happy to travel and will offer competitive rates no matter where the location.

8. How can I use the images, are there any licensing restrictions?

As part of the shoot you are granted a still image license for commercial use with no time limit. If you would like to see a sample license please contact Chris.

9. Another party who was involved in the project you photographed for us has asked for a set of your images, can I pass them on?

No, your license permits you as my client to use the images commercially, it is not transferable. Copyright is retained by Chris Humphreys Photography Ltd, if the third party would like a set of images after the shoot then they need to contact Chris directly to discuss buying a license for themselves.

10. Can we share the cost of the shoot and the photograph licenses with other interested parties?

Yes, if you know in advance of the shoot that multiple parties will be interested in a license then Chris can tailor his quote and often offer significant discounts if the costs are to be shared. However, this needs to be agreed prior to the shoot.

For any queries regarding licensing / copyright please email:

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